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This ain’t your mama’s vocab.

Let’s say you get the word “purrverse.” What do you think that could mean? Maybe you think it’s just a silly song about a cat (get it? Purr and verse, like in a song!), or maybe you define it as someone who likes having kinky sex dressed as a cat (like perverse, but with a purrrrrr). See, you can be as crazy, silly, dirty, etc., as you want! Everyone makes something up, and then you all vote on the best definition! There’s no right or wrong answers here, only funny ones! Like the box says, “This ain’t your mama’s vocab." For 4 to 12 players, ages 17+.


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  • Fake words call for made-up definitions—so be as dirty as you want!
  • Encourages lots of laughter
  • Naughty words inferred
  • Great game for word nerds, dirty-minded people, or just partiers!